It is always an advantage when individuals are able to provide their own home remedy for certain ailments. This is usually very convenient and as such helps a lot of things come true. Tackling health is often very necessary but many people sometimes take things for granted and therefore may decide to do things their own way which sometimes is not effective at all. Home remedy for sprained ankle is usually very effective when done appropriately and as such all those who have done this properly are often very happy with the results. Sprains in general can be very painful if care is not taken and as such it should always be taken care of when necessary.

Most at times the first step to take when treating a sprained ankle is to get off your feet, and also be prepared to sit and relax. The pain alone sometimes is so intense that, an individual will quickly sit in order to solve the situation or in order words lessen the pains. The next step is for home remedy for sprained ankle is to elevate the ankle above the heart. This of course will keep the fluid build-up lower, and it will help reduce the pain too.

Massage are yet another effective home remedy for the treatment of sprained ankle. Apply a generous amount of Biofreeze with gentle massage to the affected. BIOFREEZE is natural analgesic pain that helps in the relief of back pain, arthritis pain, muscle strain neck pain and other aches and pains.

Another remedy is putting ice pack on the ankle. An individual with a similar situation may decide to use an ice pack or a plastic bag filled with ice. This has been noted to be very effective. Many people often do not usually want to apply the ice directly and so they may wrap the ankle in a towel or wash cloth that is not very thick. The ice pack can be left on the injury but the caution is that, it should not be left there for a very long time as this can be very detrimental. The issue is that, this kind of remedy often requires repetition for some time. Well depending on the swelling, an individual may decide to wrap the whole injury in bondage as this is also very effective and helps facilitate quick healing of the wounds.

On the other hand when the sprain is so serious, the most appropriate thing to do is to contact a doctor. This is necessary because sometimes it is possible that the damage is more serious than expected and therefore may become a very big issue when not taken care of quickly. A doctor therefore may advise whether an x-ray is needed just to be sure that nothing is broken.

It is appropriate to state that, home remedy for sprained ankle is not complete without recommending something for reducing pain and inflammation. Of course certain vitamins are essential to the healing process and some of these vitamins include vitamin A, C, and E. Another pain killer which is effective is bromelain and also arnica montana. All these are very necessary and hence should be taken seriously without any sort of problem whatsoever. Home remedies for sprained ankles therefore are very effective especially when done properly.