Biofreeze is topical pain relieving products that is made of the active ingredient menthol, so it provides a cool. One moderate application of Biofreeze can help reduce the pain and stiffness for sore muscles, arthritis,  back, shoulder,  neck strains, muscle spasm knee, hip and elbow joints. This product also contains ILEX, an herbal extract derived of a holly shrub that grows in South America. ILEX has been used for centuries in folk remedies by the Paraguay Indians in order to enhance their own medicines. The ILEX works to extend analgesic effects contained in Biofreeze. This allows deeper penetration system which provides a longer lasting arthritis pain relief.

Biofreeze made by performance standard for health and safety which is located in Pennsylvania and now commonly prescribed in the United States and the United Kingdom for quick, effective pain relief from sore muscles.

Biofreeze is the most frequently used forms of cold therapy treatment. Biofreeze has the same effects as an ice pack but it has the ability to penetrate deeper into the muscle.

Cold therapy or cryotheraphy is a process of cooling an affected body area that can be very effective to reduce the swelling in an injury and lessen pain. Heat generally makes your blood vessels dilate (expand) which in turn increase blood flow in the injured area. While cold causes your blood vessels to contract or constrict (vasoconstriction) which results in an decreased blood flow.  This will help reduce the swelling as well as promotes healing of tissue.


Biofreezeis available in variety of convenient packages: Wipes, Roll On, Spray, Tubes,  Pump Bottles and patches.

The gel form works effectivelly in the area of extreme tenderness and severe pain where the gel may need to be massaged into the easy reach areas such as knees, elbows and ankles.  BIOFREEZE Roll On is available for people who prefer to avoid getting the gel on hands or clothing, or who hard to reach areas such as for the back and and the neck area.   Meanwhile The Biofreeze Spray is the newest methods to apply the product without getting product on their hands and a good choice for those hard to reach areas such as the  lower extremities,  middle back, upper back or neck. The spray is also a convenient application for some continuing home care of people with acute conditions.


Biofreeze is not a retail product and is not available in a retail store or pharmacy locations. However, you can find Biofreeze from the health care professional and on the internet by health care. When making a purchase online store, make sure that they are an authorized dealer.  This way is to make sure you are getting good quality products and not expired product.